Ainsley Gommon Architects


Cammell Lairds


River Mersey, Wirral


£2m (excl Marine structure)

Date Completed

Planning Autumn 2015

Development Overview

The proposed marine operation facility is needed for day-to-day monitoring, routine servicing, maintenance and emergency repair of the off-shore facilities and the associated marine infrastructure. The facility will be served by a floating pontoon, which will provide berths for service vessels and catamarans that will be used to ferry the operation and maintenance staff out to the offshore facilities at any state of the tide. This marine structure will form part of the current application but will also be subject to separate marine consents from the Marine Management Organisation and others, for which approval is being sought in parallel to this application.

Our proposal envisages construction of an integrated facility on the waterfront, which will not only provide this river berth but also serve as an operational facility. The marine structure will create visual activity on the river and will allow the service vessels to navigate freely at any state of the tide.

Attached to the offices will be welfare, changing and mess facilities for the maintenance staff that go out to the off-shore facilities. There will be a drying room for wet-weather gear and storage for the PPE. Behind the office will also be a warehouse that will be used for the storage and distribution of components that are required for day-to-day maintenance and repairs. Spare parts will be delivered by road but the size of individual components is mainly quite small and the anticipated deliveries will be by vans or light, rigid-wheelbase lorries and not normally by articulated vehicles.