Ainsley Gommon Architects


Beechwood & Ballantyne Community Housing Association


Beechwood & Ballantyne, Wirral



Date Completed

Spring 2006

Development Overview

The Beechwood and Ballantyne Estates enjoyed long term investment in their housing stock. The public realm had not enjoyed the same investment, consequently the estate gives the impression of being run-down and unattractive. Ainsley Gommon was appointed to make proposals for environmental improvements to enhance the appearance of the estate, and gain the support of local residents.

A survey, appraisal and analysis of the estate was carried out, to establish a set of priorities that could be presented to local residents at open days. These priorities concentrated on the visual character of the estate, and on ways to make noticeable and lasting change, using landscape elements. At these consultation days local people discussed ideas, and commented on their priorities. These were taken into account in the report developed. Local stakeholders were involved in the process.

The Masterplan proposals aimed to;

  • Protect and enhance biodiversity
  • Reduce crime and fear of crime.
  • Improve the quality of land, air and water
  • Improve health & wellbeing of the local residents
  • Improve urban green space
  • Encourage a sense of community & local identity
  • Contribute to flood attenuation
  • Enhance the area & image of the estate
  • Minimise energy use

As a result off the masterplan, funding was secured and we worked with B&BCHA to complete a programme of external works and landscape.