Ainsley Gommon Architects


Danger Zone





Date Completed

Winter 2005

Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon worked with Danger Zone, a charity organisation, to provided a unique educational facility to teach visitors about safety awareness in potentially dangerous situations. The primary aim of the project was to help educate children in the 7-12 age range about the hazards of the modern world and to improve safety in the community. People with special needs, family groups and the elderly, were also accommodated within the design of the facilities. The hazardous scenarios were housed in a new building and included;

  • A school playground
  • A canal/waterside
  • A building site
  • A railway line
  • A street
  • A house

In addition the building design also accommodated a flexible meeting space, a briefing zone, a shop and offices.

At the time there was no other existing, similar provision in the Northwest. The catchment area intended to cover schools and community members who are situated within an hour’s drive from the site, which equated to potentially 2,738 schools and 533,945 school children.

A fully equipped conference room was designed to facilitate training courses in health and safety, fire training and other health and safety related topics. The facility will be used during the day and evenings for numerous activities involving businesses and community organisations. The conference room is intended to be available for public and private use for training & holding meetings which will generate revenue for the building.