Ainsley Gommon Architects


Wallasey Regeneration


Liscard, Wirral


£2.4m (estimated)

Date Completed

Report Spring 2003

Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon was appointed to carry out a Feasibility Study for Licard Hall considering options for the conservation, and repair, including a development strategy, for a sustainable creative reuse of this significant Grade 2 Listed building, surrounding gardens and outbuildings, appropriate to its history, design and location. The report highlighted significant areas of work required for the regeneration of Liscard Hall, including:

  • essential repairs, to deal with defects resulting from deferred maintenance to put the building back into sound condition;
  • desirable upgrading works, including providing adequate disabled access and functionality.
  • security issues, to address the high level of vandalism, arson and youth crime that the park and out buildings currently suffer.

We undertook consultation regarding the future uses of Liscard Hall, this took the form of formal and informal meetings with council officers and employees, community groups and the Friends of Central Park together with interested individuals, visits to other comparable buildings and discussions with key local agencies. In conclusion the regeneration of Liscard Hall as a mixed use resource for the community, the hall offered a unique opportunity to bring this key local landmark into use. Directly benefiting the area and would help to draw people into Central Park. Despite its varied history, the building still retains many interesting period features, which are worthy of conservation. The building itself, was well suited to a new use as a focal point of the park and for the community of Wallasey. Unfortunately due to an arson attack in 2008 the building was demolished