Ainsley Gommon Architects


Riverside & Carlisle City Council with Lovell Partnership




£50m (approx)

Date Completed

Masterplan Winter 2002

Development Overview

Together with Carlisle City Council, Lovell and Riverside we worked to deliver a planning and design ‘Vision’ for over 1600 properties on the Raffles estate outside of Carlisle. An extensive participation process led to the development of our masterplan ‘Vision’, actively engaging with local stakeholders, including residents, schools, neighbourhood groups,, shopkeepers, churches and the police. Through the consultation process the community was able to offer their views and comments regarding the estate and it’s regeneration.

The completion of the ‘Vision’ ensured the following strategic objectives were incorporated into future developments and formed the basis for seeking solutions to enable the ongoing redevelopment and regeneration of the estate.

  • Creating a sustainable estate for the next generation
  • Bringing demolished sites back into use and securing private secure investment
  • Bringing positive change, by challenging and turning around the negative image of the estate
  • Creating a safe attractive environment in which to live, work and enjoy

Our ‘Vision’ established a framework and action plan for future development and a design strategy for the whole estate, concentrating on particular areas.

Since 2002 we have been working together with partners Lovell to develop over £50m of new dwellings on the Raffles estate, following the successful completion of the initial consultation and ‘Vision’.