Ainsley Gommon Architects


Wirral Borough Council


Birkenhead, Wirral



Date Completed


Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon have worked with Wirral Borough Council on multiple projects at the Birkenhead Town Hall over the years to carry out specialist repair works of the Grade II* Listed Building.

It is a magnificent building in a very grand setting, surrounded by the Grade I listed buildings of Hamilton Square. It is also the centrepiece of the Hamilton Square Conservation Area. The building is over 130 years old and has some very extravagant interiors.

Although still in use for some of it’s original civic purposes, large parts of the building are unused. As a separate project, Ainsley Gommon were commissioned to undertake an appraisal report suggesting possible future uses of the building to bring it fully back into use. The building is very large in footprint and therefore multiple uses would be best suited. The report included diagrams of how the building could be subdivided for the various uses.

Some of the completed repairs projects of the building have included;

  • Mayors Parlour repairs
  • Roof repairs
  • Window Repairs
  • Specialist Ceiling Repairs

More recently, Ainsley Gommon have been commissioned to carry out new repair works at the building which include;

  • Committee room Improvements
  • Replacement Reception Desk
  • External Work repairs
  • Renewal of CCTV cameras

Due to the nature of the building, any repair works require Listed Building Consent.