Ainsley Gommon Architects


Lovell Partnership Ltd


Langley, Rochdale


£20m (estinated)

Date Completed

Spring 2020

Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon worked with Lovell to build a development of 213 new private market sale homes, in the area of Langley outside of Rochdale, were we have successfully carried out previous phases of development. The design follows the principles established on earlier phases, with simple traditional elevational treatments. The new houses are predominantly semi-detached, with a few detached and terraced units. The layout provides a mix of family housing consisting of, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units, reflecting the local need. The designs were progressed through consultation with Rochdale Council Planning, Highways departments and the ALO officer.

The designs accommodate a traditional relationship between the dwelling and street, to encourage passive security through active frontages across all parts of the layout, where gables incorporate windows which overlook footpaths providing natural surveillance. The design facilitates level access into the units, and where possible, parking is sited between the gables to avoid cars dominating the streetscape. The importance of green space is recognised within the design and aims to improve the landscape character of the area, placing emphasis on biodiversity. Much of landscape is set in the private gardens and within pockets of throughout the site consisting of predominantly native species that will establish well and thrive in this locality. The development is designed to achieve Code Level 3. A fabric first approach has been adopted, maximising of the advantage of improved thermal upgrade of the dwellings. The importance of recycling and cycling has been reflected through provision of bin and cycle stores with the gardens.