Ainsley Gommon Architects


Arnwood Properties Ltd


Bromborough Pool Village, Wirral


£1.8m (estimated)

Date Completed

Winter 2019

Development Overview

The Candle Factory project has given a listed office building a new lease of life as affordable and supported housing. The building was once the centrepiece of a 29 acre factory complex with over 150 years of continuous employment history attached to it. The building has been refurbished to a very high standard and in a manner that restores key architectural features of the various phases of the building from the 1850s to the 1950s without losing its industrial character.

Ainsley Gommon initially carried out a Masterplan for the former factory site to create a new balanced mixed use development. A subsequent approved outline planning application addressed the various complex site constraints, which incorporates the former Price’s Candle office building. This is the only former factory site building retained and it is an important historic structure. The first phase of works covered significant works to stabilise the building making it water tight, safe and prevent further deterioration.

The second phase involved the complete refurbishment and adaption of the building for re-use as residential accommodation. Converting it into apartments with views to the River Dibbin, the new park and housing. The conversion has been carefully considered to accommodate cill and head heights and maximise natural light. The two architectural languages of the existing building have been preserved and are linked with the creation of a new modern glazed link and the addition of a new garden room. Creating generous apartments that are attractive places to live, securing the future of the building for years to come.