Ainsley Gommon Architects


Calico Homes


Padiham, Burnley



Date Completed

Autumn 2018

Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon has designed 56 dwellings consisting of a mixture of houses, bungalows and flats on the former brown field Perseverance Mill site in Padiham, Burnley. The dwellings will be for affordable rent managed by Calico.

The site originally housed a large mill which was built in the late 19th century. The mill was demolished in 2006 and lay as a pile of rubble for over a decade, leaving a controversial eyesore in the town. The new development was positively welcomed by the local residents

The surrounding terraced streets are built using local stone with feature window surrounds. The sloped roofs are typical of their location and create a strong streetscape. The design of the new development has been heavily influenced by its location and the historic nature of the area, drawing from the local use of the materials proportion and style to create a modern architectural design that is sensitive to its context.

The site is bounded by the line of the old mill, often with extreme changes in level with the boundary wall acting as a retaining structure.

The site lay derelict for over a decade and had no ecological or social value. The proposals bring the site back into active use and deal with flood risk issues. Soft landscaping increases the natural permeability of the site as much of the site was previously hard standing.

Opening up the previously capped culvert enhances the ecological and aesthetic value of the site and gives a unique charm to the scheme.