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Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon was appointed by Torus to review the estate masterplans that had previously been proposed by the practice. These were prepared over the past ten years for Four Acre, an estate of nearly 700 homes in St Helens, and look at what can now be done for the estate.

AGa has worked with Helena Partnerships since 2007. Previously we put together a detailed five-to-ten year improvement plan, which involved generating a number of options which were financially tested and the most suitable selected. Since then, Helena have undertaken a focused improvement program, which has included thermally upgrading external walls and improving boundary treatments.

Now, a more long term solution is required to ensure the estate continues to improve its reputation, attract more people to the area and remain a sustainable place to live. The fundamental issues that affect the area need to be addressed.

The new proposals take into account the works that have been carried out so far over the past decade, and look to build on their success. These new proposals have been reviewed by Helena Partnerships, and consultation with local residents and other relevant parties is now being progressed.

Following on from the consultation exercise, we will refine the proposals through the preparation of coloured drawings and annotations for presentation into a final report for issue to the client, prior to implementation of the proposals.