Ainsley Gommon Architects


Peel Holdings


Birkenhead Docks, Wirral Waters


£1.2m (Estimated)

Date Completed

Autumn 2016

Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon was selected to undertake design proposals for a limited competition for a pop up park. Our proposals would make an interesting and attractive addition to Wirral Waters and make a visually stimulating addition to Tower Road. Creating a new venue for people to eat, drink work and recreate in the emerging Wirral Waters environment. The use of shipping containers and ISO tanks would allow the development to “pop-up” in an exciting and unexpected way that makes an appropriate maritime statement.

Passers-by would be able to see into and through the space. The site is laid out as two distinct blocks with a defined square between them. Keeping the East and west ends of the square open, the morning and evening sun would shine into and through the square with minimal shadowing. The paving of the square includes a schematic layout of Wirral Waters, which will help to orientate visitors with the massive scale of the development that is due to happen in Birkenhead dockland.

Shelter is created in small external courtyards and outdoor spaces that fringe the main square and provide shelter and cover from weather. The upper decks, have views into the square and out over the wider context, with shelter from perimeter containers. Retractable canopies would be provided over some of the outdoor spaces and these will be formed from roller blinds that replicate the appearance and basic operation of yacht sails. The whole development will use a range of upcycled and re-purposed components providing a interesting and animated space we believe would have the potential to draw people in, to experience and enjoy dockland in a whole new way.