Ainsley Gommon Architects


Wirral Borough Council


Bidston Hill, Wirral


£1.4m (Estimated)

Date Completed

Report Summer 2015

Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon was commissioned to undertake a full condition survey of Flaybrick’s Memorial Chapels to consider their conservation, regeneration needs and aspirations for future access. This inaccessible historic landmark is currently in a ruinous condition. Its decay has reached such an advanced state that the whole site, including the chapels are on the Heritage at Risk Register mainly due to vandalism, some of which has been extremely destructive.

The report, accompanied by a full set of detailed drawings, including a full photographic, cross referenced record of the current condition of the chapels, which carefully documented, recorded and annotated each aspect. The report explored potential sustainable uses, and scheduled a scope of works required to make such uses viable and suggested potential funding options.

Total reconstruction of the buildings is prohibitively expensive. The best option is to undertake the main structural and cosmetic repairs, and conserve the structures as accessible ruins utilised for various purposes, including; an outdoor performance space for music, theatre or lectures, functioning as outdoor classrooms for educational visits. The form of the building means that two events could be held simultaneously. Greater educational use of Flaybrick and improved public accessibility may help to discourage some of the vandalism that affects the site.

The report has enabled WBC with assistance from AGa to have discussions with Historic England about potential funding. With an estimated first phase of £375k to carryout the initial stabilisation works.