Ainsley Gommon Architects


Pennaf Housing Group


Amlwch, Anglesey



Date Completed

Spring 2015

Development Overview

This new development of six affordable homes is located in the centre of Amlwch, Anglesey. The Lon Goch scheme is situated on the site of a disused abattoir dating back to 1927. Although the old building was of some historic importance it proved difficult to convert for residential use so the site was cleared to make way for new housing. The site is bordered by retail properties to the south and west, housing to the east and a public park to the north which provides the local community with amenity space.

The brief asked for flexibility in the housing layout to respond to the changing lifestyles of the occupants. This highlights the need to look at the life cycle of a home and to provide energy efficient design. The socio-economic climate, for example, is seeing more people working from home, to reduce fuel costs. The opportunity to grow food within domestic gardens and young people staying at home longer, due to the rising costs of housing and lack of jobs, are all changes to life style which need to be accommodated.

As a concept Ainsley Gommon Architects have looked at adaptability and how the Lon Goch properties can be made larger or re-planned internally to meet changing housing needs.
The aim of the Lon Goch housing scheme is to create a modern, well equipped housing development with discernible and recognisable building features, that integrates well within the housing of the existing settlement. The dwellings are homely, attractive and energy efficient, with the ease of operation and convenience encouraging a sustainable lifestyle.
The scheme consists of 2No. 6 person, 4 bedroom homes, 4No. 5 person, 3 bedroom homes and a further 2No. 4 person, 2 bedroom homes.