Ainsley Gommon Architects


Lovell Partnership Ltd


Maghull - Liverpool


£80m (estimated)

Date Completed


Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon was commissioned to undertake a masterplanning exercise that formed the basis for a HCA bid with one of our longstanding clients. The site had previous consent for up to 370 dwellings; conditioning a number of constraints and opportunities.

Our design proposals worked within these established principles, building upon them and accommodating the additional criteria and guidance within national and local planning standards. As a result our proposals aim to create a strong identity and sense of place, complementing the local surroundings while establishing its own identity with character zones. The design integrates the landscape and the built form, providing a cohesive design solution creating a desirable area to live.

Careful analysis of the site features, orientation, access nodes, connectivity to the wider community and surrounding area informed the basis for our design. Our proposals draw inspiration from the idea of a “garden suburb”, where spatial planning, streetscapes and structural planting define the spaces which the buildings occupy and where the landscape is a fundamental part of the overall concept of the development.

The existing attractive grotto with its pond and stand of mature trees forms the focus of the proposed new housing development, turning this key landscape feature into the hub from which the proposed housing and road network radiate out towards other features that help define the site including, the proposed railway station and the existing cricket pitch, with a new relocated cricket pavilion.