Ainsley Gommon Architects


Riverside Housing Association


Bromborough Pool Village, Wirral



Date Completed

1988 - On going

Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon Architects have been working with Riverside on the village since the late 1980’s. Halting the decline of the village, softening the impact of earlier inappropriate alterations, refurbishing the exiting buildings and proposing new builds in a sensitive and appropriate manner. The preparation of the Masterplan and strategy report enabled Riverside to plan for the future sustainability of the community, retaining and enhancing this historic village as a viable living place. Resulting from the Masterplan together with Riverside we have undertaken the following;

1854 Houses – Work consisted of extensive repairs to the original cavity walls and wall ties, whilst minimising disturbance to the historic fabric, some later replacement windows were also replaced with a style in keeping with the original design.

1854 Village Hall – The village hall was refurbished and repaired from its very dilapidated state and adapted internally to meet a completely new function, becoming accommodation for adults with autism, with a state of the art IT training suite and a new (smaller) community hall.

St Matthew’s Church, 1890 – Providing a new entrance realigned to the traditional axial position, repairs to the west stained glass window, parapets and gables and roof work.

New Sports Pavilion – The feasibility design for a new sports pavilion, to overlook the existing sports fields.

Subsequent to the masterplan and works, we have continued a successful relationship delivering further projects within the village.