Ainsley Gommon Architects


Newport Housing Trust with Fairlake Properties


Newport, Gwent


£35 million

Date Completed

Spring 2007

Development Overview

Newport had one of the largest numbers of remaining prefabs in the country. Built as ‘homes fit for heroes’ in the 1940s, the prefabs no longer met the standards which tenants expected in the new millennium.

Designed as temporary housing with an expected lifespan of just 15 years, many now have serious repair problems and suffer from poor levels of insulation and high levels of condensation.

Ainsley Gommon Architects were selected in May 2000 to join the team of Development Agents headed by Fairlake Properties (now Seren) to masterplan the redevelopment of seven estates of obsolete prefabs for Newport Housing Trust.

The redevelopment proposal provided 550 new bungalows constructed in 25 phases in a 7 year build programme, at a scheme cost of around £35 million. Full community consultation took place, with every resident visited by the designers and development team.

The construction of the new bungalows received a Building Control ‘Built In Quality Award’ in January 2005.