Ainsley Gommon Architects


Muir Group


Glebe Green, Winsford



Date Completed

Winter 2002

Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon Architects were appointed by Muir Group to carry out a Community Participation exercise to establish as series of proposal at the Glebe Green Estate in Winsford. The excersize also had to establish a framework and action plan for the proposed agreed redevelopment.

In the course of the consultation with the residents the preferences changed. Residents decided that access was their main priority and the action plan was developed to reorder the highways and paths and reduce the work on the dwellings. The completed workscope covered adopted highways, footpath closures, alterations, extensions, access improvements, tree surveys and surgery, ground modelling, soft landscaping, play and leisure provision and housing renewal, through the residents participation and partnership working.

Glebe Green was transferred from Vale Royal Borough Council to Muir Group HA in 1999. An edge of town estate built in the 1960’s with a Radburn style layout, it contained open spaces with no specific purpose, many dwellings with no vehicular access and areas of high density development with poor aspect and relationships to surrounding dwellings. The project budget was based on upgrading the houses.

Value engineering allowed savings to be reallocated to external works. There were many issues to resolve, in particular the routing of services as the layout of roads and paths changed. The work was carried out under a partnering agreement, and completed on time and within budget.