Ainsley Gommon Architects


North Wales Fire Service





Date Completed

Winter 2002

Development Overview

The new building at Llanfairfechan is a ‘Retained’ Fire Station at which a single fire appliance is kept and fire fighters attend when called in an emergency. A modern Fire Tender Hall is provided as well as locker rooms, showers and a drying room, with protective gear stored in the Muster Bay ready for use when attending an emergency. Other facilities include a kitchen, recreation room and fitness room.

The scheme also includes a Drill Yard and a three storey Training House used for practising rescue techniques. Although small in plan it accommodates windows of different sizes to replicate differing ‘in-situ’ emergency situations, a balcony and a pitched roof with dummy flue for practising dealing with chimney fires. The Training House can be filled with cold smoke from a portable smoke machine.

The new buildings are located on an attractive sloping site with peripheral views of mountains and valleys.

The new Fire Station was officially opened by Prince Charles in July 2003.