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Wrexham City Centre



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Development Overview

This project involved the restoration of 59 Hope Street, located within the Wrexham City Centre Conservation Area as part of Wrexham’s THI, although not listed the building is a fine example of Victorian architecture and it is the intention of the project to bring the existing exterior and shop front back to its former glory using traditional design in keeping with the historic area of Wrexham, while converting the upper floors to 2no. 2 bedroom apartments.

Being within the city centre the site is constrained with no parking, however due to it’s location is very well connected with public transport. Creating mixed use buildings creates a valuable role in helping address the nations housing crisis through the provision of a range of new homes within existing buildings, as well as providing additional footfall for our high streets.

This project intends to bring a vacant building back into use suitable for 21st century living, retaining many of the original external details including refurbishment of the existing windows.

The existing staircase was narrow and steep so was redesigned to provide a new stairwell more suitable for residential use, this will be separated from the shop premises by a fire lobby. The design was considered to utilise as many existing wall positions and existing services as possible.

Provisions have been made to ensure that the building is secure and functional for modern day living, providing a private entrance and facilities such as a bin storage within the external ginnel, and cycle storage within each individual apartment within the generous store cupboards.