Ainsley Gommon Architects


Magenta Living


Upton, Wirral



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Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon has created a scheme of 13 houses and bungalows for a brownfield site at Kenilworth Gardens, Upton, Wirral. The scheme is proposed to develop the vacant site, which was previously occupied by two blocks of 4 storey flats.

The layout is surrounded by existing 2 storey houses on three sides and woodland on the last, which leads to parkland and a Scheduled Ancient Monument site. Access into the Kenilworth site is narrow, with existing houses on both sides and a block of 8 garages, which are rented out to Magenta customers, located on the right side of the access road.

The scheme provides modern two bedroom houses and bungalows that fit well into their surroundings. One of the bungalows is designed to be a fully wheelchair-accessible unit. Requirements for this unit will be refined once an occupant has been selected.

Access from the rear gardens of the existing properties surrounding the site has been incorporated into our proposals. This allows certain properties a route through the site and into the parkland beyond.

The houses use a fabric first approach to sustainability, avoiding the need for adding extra technologies to the buildings. The elevational design incorporates materials that are complementary to the surrounding existing housing, incorporating brick and feature surrounds to windows. An alternative brick is used on active gables.

Each property has a minimum of one parking space, and landscaping selected from predominantly native species to complement the woodland area adjacent.