Ainsley Gommon Architects


South Liverpool Housing Group


Speke Estate & Garston Neighbourhoods, Liverpool



Date Completed


Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon worked closely with South Liverpool Housing and local stakeholders to carry out proposals for the Speke estate and Garston neighbourhoods in South Liverpool. An Environmental Overview of the estate was carried out by Ainsley Gommon to highlight the main issues.

These included:

  • Worn out infrastructure – access into and within the estate, impact of parking
  • Upgrading of external space – decay of verges and boundaries, loss of street trees
  • Limited range of land-use – lack of visual variety and richness, limited colour palette

The outcome of the document indicated that some general problems existed throughout the overall estate, but also that some of the individual neighbourhoods required greater improvement than others.

A proposed plan for new and improvement works was prepared within each area. Typical proposals that have been carried out following discussion and consultation are:

  • upgraded external lighting, street furniture and signage
  • new footpath surfaces
  • soft landscaping works including hedges, shrubs and tree replanting
  • formation of new boundary railings and fences
  • external house redecoration

The works carried out succeeded in creating improvements and regeneration in what had become a series of unpopular and unmanaged areas. The outcome overall is an improved environment making the areas where people live more stimulating, safer and pleasing.